Elia Stavrou - Piano
Elia Stavrou - Piano

Inspiration for Truths concert programme:



"One day a tattered old bag was bought into our family leather repair business for a repair by a somewhat dishevelled man, hooded and unshaven. Weeks had turned into months and months into three years since the bag had been left in the capable and skilled hands of my craftsman brother. The work was done on the bag and is now ready for the gentleman, nameless on the ticket, to collect yet still no return. Whatever happened to him we will probably never know, but the scrunched up letter that sat lonely inside the inner compartment of the heavy, saddle type messenger got the better of my curiosity when I discovered it on my way to storage one day. This letter was obviously cherished or at worst read to death in how limp and lifeless the body of the paper had become.


This concert is dedicated to the author of that letter which, gut wrenching in its sincerity, may have never found its target or, quite plausibly, found its target in the scruffy owner of the bag. I was inspired to devise this programme where the honesty of the words and sentences mirror the musical pieces I am presenting and I have taken small excerpts from the letter to head each of the programme notes below. I believe this programme to be to be one of catharsis, hurt, but also the timeless and volatile nature of certain truths like love, heartbreak and the quest for freedom that have been a constant through human society from the beginning of time; nearly everybody experiences them to some extent… this is what makes them true. In many ways our impressions of these universally excepted truths act like a time machine and can tie our experiences of the world with those of our composers who are rooted in the past. Perhaps a rare and authentic understanding into what could have inspired our composers to write such pieces too especially because when inspired by truth we tend not to hold anything back in an attempt to achieve some cathartic relief; a torrent of desperate genuineness to try to be heard and understood often out of pain and sometimes brittle hope."


Programme and Dates to be announced soon...

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