Elia Stavrou - Piano
Elia Stavrou - Piano

Recorded at the end of 2020, the year that a global pandemic took a stranglehold on all of our lives. It was in this year that pianist Elia Stavrou created Gaspard Music Academy, a new record label specialising in novel compilations and went about recording a set of solo piano works by composers close to his heart. All these works were inspired in some way by the troubles that 2020 undoubtedly threw at us all with the pianist taking both solace and pleasure revising these pieces during the lockdowns in London and then subsequently performing this set of eclectic works for this album entitled Pieces of Reflection.


On this album you will hear works by legendary composers like Chopin, Brahms, Rachmaninoff and Scriabin including Chopin’s highly contrasting pair of op.27 Nocturnes, Brahms’ wonderful, late B Flat Minor Intermezzo and preludes by Rachmaninoff and Scriabin. There are also miniature works by the Greek composer Yiannis Constantinidis whose genius transports us to exotic and beautiful places by utilising Greek traditional folk melodies in a more classical, western style.


Also included inside is a Gaspard Music Academy must: handwritten programme notes which detail the history, context and emotional inspiration behind each of these pieces from the unique and informed point of view of the interpreter themselves.


Available to buy now via the link below or stream via spotify and all other streaming services.

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